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Managing public meetings and exhibitions

We have been running sessions for a number of years for people who give public presentations or address and/or manage public meetings or who host public exhibitions. It is led by experienced communications experts with many years' experience of handling public meetings on difficult and controversial issues.

Course designer Garry Coutts has run sessions based on his many years of experience in public life, as a councillor in Edinburgh and in the Highlands and as a member and Chairman of NHS Highland. He has handled difficult and very high-profile issues ranging from wind farm applications to pylons and biomass projects.

What you'll learn

  • Why so many presentations are ineffective – and how to make them effective
  • How to plan, prepare and deliver an effective?public presentation
  • How to anticipate what you'll be asked at public meetings
  • How to deal with difficult questions
  • How to handle hecklers

How much does it cost?

Approximately £1,200 for up to six delegates. The fee doesn't include the cost of hiring a venue, catering or VAT.

Past and present clients include:

  • Falck Renewables
  • UHI Millennium Institute
  • RDC (Scotland) Ltd
  • North of Scotland Water Authority
  • East of Scotland Water
  • Scottish & Southern Energy
  • EFRS
Chartered Institute of Public Relations Investor in People Scottish Council for Development and Industry Scottish Renewables